Take Your Life to a Whole New Level! By Vincent Boucher, Guinness World Record holder.

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The Genius for Self-Reinvention
A Renewal of the Renaissance ideals with precision Engineering. | “ You are the Architect of your Existence! ”

By Vincent Boucher, B. Sc. Theoretical Physics, M. A. Government Policy Analysis & M. Sc. Aerospace Engineering, Guinness World Record holder and President at Billionaire Business Enterprises Inc.

If you integrate my coaching, conference and mentoring, based on $300 Billion in solid scientific research, with courage, determination and strength, you will achieve full spectrum mastery, you will shape the game that matters to you with razor-sharp focus and I personally guarantee no competitor will be able to stand against you.

The Genius for Self-Reinvention harnesses the forces of our Universe on a truly global scale and put them to strategically leverage enterprises, institutions and lifes, with precision engineering, to a whole new level.

The Genius for Self-Reinvention revitalizes Centuries of the Old Art of a well-crafted and highly actionable speech for State, National, and International Meetings, Conferences, and Conventions.

An instrument to arch the destiny of Humanity, so that it is in harmony in the Universe:

Universe, Life & Civilization
❦ Genesis, Multiverse and Humanity
Genesis, Universes with different Laws of Nature, Physics of the Universe, Life on Earth, Origins of Civilization, and much more.

The Genius for Reinvention
❦ A Deep Understanding of the World, People & Human Nature
A Renewal of the Renaissance ideals, Resilience, Razor-Sharp Focus, See Things from a New Vantage Point, Take Your Life to a Whole New Level, and A Work of Intellectual, Aesthetic & Technical Innovation.

In 1988, Vincent Boucher elaborated long-term plans to achieve its goals, change the rules and take himself to new heights, achieving a true sense of life’s accomplishment. Press coverage:

Vincent Boucher: Un (jeune) homme d’exception;

Cas Vévu: Surdoué;

Canadian Space Agency;

Portrait d’un génie québécois; and

Un génie venu de loin.

The Genius for Self-Reinvention embodies the impetus and the genius for self-reinvention and revitalizes centuries of the old art of a well-crafted and highly actionable speech, and constitutes a renewal of the Renaissance ideals with precision engineering to empower you to transcend any situation via rational thinking, focus and intensity.

Vincent Boucher is recognized as one of the world’s leading executive private coach. His strategic foresight and ability to drive one of the most ambitious coaching projects has pushed this experienced and seasoned coach to the forefront of its field, earning a well-deserved reputation on a truly global scale. Now you can share in Legendary Artist Vincent Boucher’s unique perspective.

Truly Professional of the Highest Order. The Genius for Self-Reinvention is designed for that special breed of men and women who will never settle for less than they can be!

The Genius for Self-Reinvention provides a structure and a road map to navigate around any challenge and brings a unique perspective for state, national, and international meetings, conferences, and conventions.

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